KISS: Creatures of the Night (1982)


I went on a lunch hour crate digging expedition today and found some real gems. This is one of them. Now, I’m not the biggest KISS fan…but I love this album. Why? I bought it on cassette when it came out way back in 1982 and it made a huge impact on me.

I think it’s their heaviest album, which explains why I like it so much. All of their other albums are wussy disco shit compared to this. Certain songs? I can’t crank loud enough: Saint and Sinner/Rock And Roll Hell and War Machine 🔊 👌 Holy fuck, man…War Machine is KISS’ best song!!! Google it!

Anyway, yeah. Love this album. It reminds me of being a hellraising kid who was told over and over again by religious kooks how “evil” my music was. 👆

Fun fact: I always believed KISS stole the idea for the title track from Tierra and their song Night Creatures, which came out the year before.


Call Me (1998)


Anyone ever see this movie? It’s a bizarre film to say the least but entertaining in the way that autowrecks in traffic are. It stars Patricia Charbonneau and Steve Buscemi is in it.

Basically, a chick starts getting obscene phone calls, gets turned on by it and then gets wrapped up in a murder triangle. Low rent Skinemax material but it struck me as weird cuz you don’t see studios make films like this any more.

Whatever happened to the Brian De Palmas of the world?

Rethinking ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’


*Editor’s note: I originally wrote this on Tumblr but never published it. It stayed in my drafts for years. I have since consequently deleted my Tumblr account. I also talked about this film on a podcast I did in 2013. If you’re interested in listening to that podcast you can find it here.  Also, I realize this isn’t horror-related but hey, I like film and not always blood-splattered ones. 

Sometimes, when you talk about a film, you talk about yourself. It’s often revealing to dissect a movie because you are essentially deconstructing things while also deconstructing yourself along the way. Art is life – life is art and it is both delightful and painful to re-watch movies you have not seen for some time, but it’s an experience I recommend; especially if your memory of a film is either one of either great joy or disgust. Why? People mature.

I’m paraphrasing Roger Ebert here but the way in which you view a piece of art changes over time, or at least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. More often than not, when you re-watch a movie, you will discover new things about it, the story line and, more importantly, yourself. Sometimes these things will throw you for a loop if enough time passes.

Take ‘Peggy Sue Got Married,‘ for example, released in 1986 and directed by Francis Ford Coppola of all people. Now, I was never a huge fan of this film as a kid. In fact, I hated it. I couldn’t relate to it at all and promptly forgot about it. For one it’s an extremely “White” film, which is fine but it teeters on the surreal, a la Leave It To Beaver meets The Twilight Zone, but that’s kind of the point. Long story short, I watched it decades later and was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

Read the rest of the review here.