Did you ever have so many blogs that you don’t know what do to with yourself? And then you start mixing all your blogs together and it’s an incoherent mess? Yeah. That’s me. I consistently have no place to put these kinds of reviews because they don’t “fit” on my other sites/blogs. Bummer.

So…I decided to put my love of horror films, wax, soundtracks, comics and books all in one place. I collect mostly horror-related stuff but also a bunch of other stuff too. I am a horror/gore junkie and this is my AA. This blog will primarily feature my reviews, thoughts and or general love for all things mentioned with some oddball selections thrown in here and there for good measure.

P.S. Most of the images I use for the these reviews come from only a few places – I take them myself or search for them via Google. It’s sometimes impossible to give credit for images, so if you see an image on here that is yours and want it removed just ask, no prob.

If you’re interested in my book publishing company you can find that here.  And you can also find me on Twitter here, and Instagram here and here.

Thanks for reading!


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