KISS: Creatures of the Night (1982)


I went on a lunch hour crate digging expedition today and found some real gems. This is one of them. Now, I’m not the biggest KISS fan…but I love this album. Why? I bought it on cassette when it came out way back in 1982 and it made a huge impact on me.

I think it’s their heaviest album, which explains why I like it so much. All of their other albums are wussy disco shit compared to this. Certain songs? I can’t crank loud enough: Saint and Sinner/Rock And Roll Hell and War Machine 🔊 👌 Holy fuck, man…War Machine is KISS’ best song!!! Google it!

Anyway, yeah. Love this album. It reminds me of being a hellraising kid who was told over and over again by religious kooks how “evil” my music was. 👆

Fun fact: I always believed KISS stole the idea for the title track from Tierra and their song Night Creatures, which came out the year before.


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