Review: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 – OST (1986) I.R.S.


You might say that I’m low key obsessed with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, so finding this record was quite the event for me. Music is my my life!! This is definitely a favorite film and also soundtrack. So much so, in fact, that waaaaay back in the day, before any of this technology that we all take for granted, existed, I used to listen to a cassette recording of the entire film while I was at work. Good times.

How did I do that, you ask? Well, I hooked my stereo up to my then VCR and recorded the audio of the film while the tape played onto a cassette. Viola! The quality was awful but back then we didn’t care.

'Bubba' - original art by me.
‘Bubba’ – original art by me.

My job was awful and completely mindless, so I’d pop the cassette into my Walk-Man and listen to the film while I worked. Tossing boxes onto a conveyor belt became much more bearable with the sounds of murder and chainsaws in the background. This was before audio books or anything, so yes, I was an innovator! Ha!

Whenever I’ve told someone that I used to do this they would look at me funny…yet, like I said, no one bats an eyelash at audio books these days. I needed my Choptop fix 24/7, lest I try and go looking for Sawyers myself…which I actually did once upon a time. But that’s another story…

Anyway, this record has The Cramps, Timbuk 3, Concrete Blonde and Oingo Boingo just to name a few! I just cannot get enough of it and find myself searching for the sounds of K-OKLA and my favorite DJ, Stretch, on the radio dial…If you’ve seen the film then this’ll all make sense. If not, beware The Last Roundup…

My only wish is that a deluxe version gets reissued and includes some sound cues and dialogue from the film. That would be killer!

“The secret is the meat. Don’t skimp on the meat!”

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