Nightmare City (1980) Dir. Umberto Lenzi – why did no one tell me about this film?!

Why was I not told about this film sooner!? I only recently heard about it because legendary special effects man, Tom Savini, is set to remake Nightmare City in 2016. His crowdfunding camping was a success! Boom!

I absolutely loved what Savini did with Night of the Living Dead. So much in fact, that I prefer it to the original, so this has all the makings of a killer remake! And that’s coming from someone who typically loathes remakes!

I have not seen this film yet and that’s exciting. It looks awesome and if the reviews for it being “terrible” are anything to go by, I’ll most likely love it!

It’s been called a “cobbled together disaster” and “absolutely terrible in every way.” Sounds perfect!

According to Wikipedia, director Umberto Lenzi said that he felt the film was not to be labeled as a “zombie” film but rather a “radiation sickness movie” with hints of an anti-nuclear and anti-military message. Again, this sounds amazing.

I’ve discovered that, after growing up on American horror, I really dig Italian horror films so this is right up my alley. And is it me, or did Robert Rodriguez borrow heavily from Nightmare City for his Planet Terror film?

Anyway, this one is on my wish list now. I’ll give it a full review when I watch it. Let me know if you’ve seen it and what you think.


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