Review: Inception Soundtrack, LP


Inception (Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Hans Zimmer (2010)

Label: Reprise Records

Format: LP, clear variant

Initially, I was excited to get this record. One, because it is a coveted release and two because it’s so damn good. It’s a first pressing and I found it on ebay by sheer luck. The music is by Hans Zimmer and if you know anything about Zimmer you know that his film scores are a-mazing. The score for Inception (2010) is phenomenal!

That said, I was disappointed when I first listened to this score because it had more than a few scratches in it. None that were visible, mind you, but they’re there. I was pissed.

I’d read a few reviews that said it was a bad pressing so I chalked it up to that and moved on. Though I was surprised and disappointed that Reprise Records would put out a sub par record, especially considering the composer and the film. It happens though. It’s absolutely unnerving to listen to a record that skips around and makes the needle jump, so I shelved it.

However, now that I’ve upgraded my turntable and also added a disc stabilizer, I find that this record plays flawlessly. Huzzah! No more skips! For me, this makes the amount money I spent on the stabilizer worth it. Equipment matters!

If you enjoyed the film that means you probably dug the music. I recommend this record because it’s an amazing score. Zimmer hit it out of the park with this one. You can pick up a repress copy for about $20.


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