Review: Creep (2014)


Creep (2014) Rated R – 77 minutes

When a cash-strapped videographer takes a job in a remote mountain town, he finds that the client has some unsettling ideas in mind.

I almost didn’t make it through Creep (2014) the first time I watched it because frankly, it started to creep me out, for lack of a better term. This film has been on Netflix for a while now, and lacking any other new options, I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did…I think.

As I said, near the beginning of the film (tubby time), I almost shut it off and moved on because it creeped me out! But something compelled me to stick with it and see it through. This is funny because it’s the same kind of thing that prompts the protagonist, played by Patrick Brice, to stick with his creepy assignment rather than listen to his instincts and walk away. Brice also happens to be the director.

One of the many criticisms of the film is people assuming the protagonist is an idiot. But this is a first person, behind the camera-shot, film; so if the main character is an idiot than so are we all for not shutting the film off. What happens to the protagonist also happens to us. It is for this reason that I believe the film is a success.


I’m a fan of “found footage” films and this one does not disappoint in that regard. The concept here is so simplistic yet it works on many levels, the most important being the voyeuristic way in which we experience everything. The film’s writer, Mark Duplass, plays the villain, Josef, and manages to pull off the “creep” so well that he might have ruined himself for future work. It’s one of those roles that, for me, I’ll never be able to see Duplass as anything else. It’s Paul Riser from Aliens all over again, but I digress…

I really enjoyed this movie. It had enough surprises in it to keep me guessing but the real strength here is the acting. Duplass is amazing and his performance as Josef will haunt me for while.


One of the things that I found interesting is that on a message board for the film, someone asked if anyone had known someone like Josef in real life. The response was overwhelming as many people, in fact, did know someone like him. I have to admit that even I have met a couple of people with this kind of personality over the years. That’s pretty unsettling.

I’m not sure how long it will be available on Netflix so check it out while you have a chance. I gurantee you it’ll make your skin crawl in more than a few points in the film.

More about the film here.

My rating: 4 stars.


5 thoughts on “Review: Creep (2014)

    • Hi – thanks for reading! Yeah, Duplass really creeped me out in this film. So much so that while watching a preview for another film he is in, I was caught off guard and blurted out: THAT’S THE CREEP GUY!! Lol…good times. XD


  1. I’ve stumbled across this a few times while trying to find a good movie or an actual “new release” on Netflix but just as I would hit play I’d stop it & quickly hit menu. Always laughing at my cowardly attempts. However your review has intrigued my curiosity even made even more so. Hope my curiosity doesn’t kill the cat. Lol


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